About Us

Hello, my name is Tony McHugh and I am the editor for Bienvenyou.com.

I arrived in Paris in 2013 and for the past year and a bit I have worked all over Paris as an English teacher.

As much as I love Paris and intend to live in France it's been a tough year since my arrival and I do wonder how expats such as myself managed to adapt to living in France without the help of the internet. I have been fortunate in finding English speaking jobs in Paris (they are out there) but the problem is that I have had little opportunity to learn French whilst living in Paris. For that reason I want to make Bienvenyou a commercial website where new arrivals to France, and long-term expat residents alike, can get the best out of Paris and the Ile-de-France (IDF).

Bienvenyou will not only publish information on how to live la vie en rose in Paris and IDF we also intend to create an English language marketplace on the internet for all Franciliens: residents of the Ile de France. As site editor – I prefer the French title Directeur de la Publication it somehow sounds grander – I will provide advice and assistance to our French advertisers who seek to cater to the English speaking expats in France.

Our intention is to build an adverts site for those of you who are seeking work, looking for somewhere to live, or have something to sell. We shall also list, and advertise, all those businesses such as bars, restaurants, estate-agents and language schools, for example, that want to do business with the Anglophone market.

It has to be said: there is already a multiplicity of sites out there trying to do the same thing. So, what differentiates Bienvenyou from all those sites? Bienvenyou is a localised website that concentrates solely on Paris and the Île-de-France; Bienvenyou is made for the internet where 90% of all Paris related enquiries about working in Paris, living in Paris, and going out in Paris are made (especially on web searches from overseas). Also: we publish adverts within hours of the advertiser posting their ad; our text ads are designed to be instantly searchable on the internet; we are making a considerable investment in attracting Parisian related web traffic via the main Anglophone search engines and social media. And finally: Bienvenyou is not an 'ad-farm' – there will be no animated banner ads that will distract from the main listings (there's no money in it).

Finally, our aim is to create a responsive and organic online publication. Bienvenyou will be fresh, it will be vital and it will be relevant.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at tonymchugh@bienvenyou.com

Bienvenyou: Paris is where the heart is