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Lost in France? We asked to provide some advice on the best ways to learn French. See their 6 top tips to learning French.

6 Top Tips to Learning French from Frantastique


1. Don't translate, interpret.

Divine the meaning of what's being said to you. Don't translate every word of a sentence when it's spoken to you: by the time you have translated each and every word the conversation has moved on without you. (I got that advice from you).


The man who makes no mistakes, learns nothing.

Don't be afraid to speak bad French in France – it's better than speaking good English. The French do appreciate you making the effort to learn their language although it has to be said that the they do have an insensitive habit of laughing at your accent. Nevertheless they do find your mangled French quite charmant – you might have a Birmingham accent (sorry Birmingham) but as far as they're concerned you've got the voice of Sean Connery when you're speaking French.

3. It is a bit old school but… learn your verbs.

To quote Mark Twain: "The verb is the storm-centre... you must catch a verb and tame it." Verbs are the foundation of all language learning. If you haven't nailed your verbs you will become tongue tied in conversation. It is possible to get by in French by using the Present Simple almost all of the time but then that might become a linguistic bad habit.

4. Do a little a lot, don't do a lot a little.

Study in small portions each and every day. Don't be like those people who go into the gym and do a two hour burn out and then don't go to the gym for another 6 months – waste of time. There is only so much your little brain can retain each day.

5. Visual association works.

Visual association greatly enhances retention of language and a multimedia mix of visuals and sound improves the learning process even further. Also, multimedia is a more fun way to learn French and if you enjoy the learning experience you are more likely to return to your lesson on a daily basis.

6. And remember: it will come.

You might despair that you will never master the language. Just keeping saying to yourself: "It will come". And say it in French.

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