The 5 Documents You Need to Rent an Apartment

Need to Rent an ApartmentTo help you get a head start on the famous French paperwork, here’s a checklist of necessary documents for renting an apartment in Paris.  

Landlords expect tenants to earn a monthly salary at least three times the monthly rent. If you’re unable to prove this level of solvency, don’t be discouraged. Instead, the landlord will insist on a financial guarantor. Guarantors, often a parent or friend of the tenant, vouch to cover costs for the tenant (in cases of nonpayment) by signing a caution solidaire. Guarantors must provide income verification (such as the 3 latest paystubs or a tax return) indicating that their monthly earnings equal at least three times the monthly rent. Note that landlords may require additional documents from the guarantor, as detailed below.

If you’re a professional, earning at least three times the monthly rent OR a guarantor:
  ☐ passport copy
  ☐ attestation d’emploi or letter of employment, including:
     • name and address of the company
     • contact person with phone number for verification
     • annual salary
     • your position
     • length of employment
  ☐ latest tax return
  ☐ RIB (relevé d’identité bancaire – bank account number)
  ☐ 3 latest paystubs

If you’re a student attending university in Paris:
    ☐ passport copy
    ☐ certificate of enrollment
    ☐ French RIB (if you have one)
    ☐ Guarantor documents (see above)